Stuart Immonen why I love his art.

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Stuart Immonen is undoubtedly in my opinion one of the best artist currently working in comics his work just has some much energy to it and is so good to look at his artwork has so much depth to it you may not see it at first but it's most certainly there in this post I'll talk about certain areas of his work and I'll show examples of it some images may get repeated because they are good in two ways.


Stuart Immonens style has a lot of expression to it not just in Facial Expression but Body language yes all the facial expressions are perfectly drawn and the characters looks really alive but the body language of characters is truly astonishing Emma frost in the far right picture looks incredibly strong and powerful and this is how she should be drawn in this great way and Magneto looks great as well with him looking very strong and powerful. The third from the right is probably my favourite the characters expressions are great especially on Jessica Jones face she looks great and really strong as a character the Valkyrie looks great as well she looks very strong and Powerful like she should it's just a great image. The two on the far left are great as well Imomonen captures the teen feeling of the characters really well since some of them do appear in the issue but a lot older Cyclops looks young and a bit more of a boy scout than the older harder Scott Hank also looks great in this scene and his facial expressions are great. Jean looks very youthful and beautiful for her age. The All new X-men connecting cover looks great all the characters body language is perfect and displays what the characters are like very well as is the same with the Facial expressions.


While his covers aren't exactly surreal or anything in concept probably because of the books he's put on but he probably could do well if he's put on that sort of book but the covers he does do are really powerful and have a lot of energy to them. The cover on the far left is intense I knew this was coming but this cover is so good the light effects are so pretty and the circle around them is a really nice touch. The Wolverine cover is good really dynamic and the magical effects around him are really cool. The Deadpool variant is really fun it's a pity I didn't get it Deadpools really nicely drawn and the silly mouth on him looks pretty funny. The Jean Grey cover is the best showing all that's happened to her evrey version of her looks great and shows her age really well the teen version and the older one and I love the Original X-men ones face in the middle of it all it's the best. The all new X-men 3 cover is intense Cyclops looks great and the action looks great. The New Avengers one is good but probably the weakest Cap looks great and very determined but it's not the best . The All new x-men connecting one is great the layout is perfect and it doesn't look cluttered the facial expressions are perfect.

Different types of setting

One of the things I liked about Fear itself and there wasn't a lot I liked but I loved the art and one of the best part was how well Immonen handled the Mystical part and the Nazi and Modern tech part. He's done it in other books such as New Avengers but Fear Itself was the stand out one. The far right image is from New Avengers and shows Mystical powers and sort of wealthy mansions it's a nice clash and works really well. Fear itself was the stand out one and the best part was the Nazi Robots they looks so good and then you get large mystical fortresses they go so well together you wouldn't expect them too but they do and it's impressive.


This is what Stuart Immonems best at action scenes they have so much energy to them yes he's great at emotional scenes but his Action scenes are the best in the business they are so good. He really excells at splash pages and two page spreads were he's allowed to play with the layouts and the amount of detail he puts into them is astonishing the Fear itself ones are astonishing and beautiful as are the New avengers the best out of these is The far right it's so pretty but none of them are as good as this.

This is so good it doesn't get better than this there is so much image and I just love this and it's pretty great to see Ms Marvel do this it's my favourite it's so good.

Stuart Immonen is a great artist not everyone may like him but I do this is just my attempt to show my appreciation to one of the best artists in the business.

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Brilliant blog, nice to see why you like Immonen, he's a great artist

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Fantastic write-up! Anyone who isn't a fan (yet) or wasn't sure if they should be now has all the ammunition they need to enjoy Immonen. :)

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