Saving the Animals from Vegan Villains

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Imaging the world where all animals have been set free. No livestock are alive, cows, pigs, chickens are all dead because it is illegal to raise them for food or for working the fields. They died because they could not survive in the wild. Many are killed by cars as they roam freely. Ever hit a cow or horse doing 65mph? Forget about goose poop, look out for cow poop! Pet ownership outlawed because these animals are equals to humans. Dog, cats, parakeets all die because they cannot survive out in the wild. Nothing more then a smear mark on route 66. How did the world get this way? One little law after another. Stop a bear hunt here, mettle with Fish and Wildlife council there, all in the so-called name of animal rights!

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You... are wierd.

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Mantid says:

"You... are wierd."

I bet you this guy is promising... but yeah he is really weird...

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Sorry, it unformatted itself when I edited to correct a mis-spelled word. Is this better?

Weird? - YES!

But really, where would this world be if vegans ruled the earth? Do you know that honey is forbidden in the vegan world because a few bees are killed when the honey is harvested! OMG!!!! Lets release all the bees. That is, outlaw bee keeping. The only honeybee will be the wild honeybee. Sounds good? But wait, wild honeybee population in New Jersey is virtually nonexistent. They don't fully understand what is happening, some evidence of a bee virus have been found, but not confirmed as the cause. So what you might say, who cares, nature's way, survival of the fittest, etc. etc. etc. But wait! Isn't the honeybee needed to pollinate the vegetables and fruits that people eat, especially if everyone in the vegan world were vegan!

WHERE IS SUPERVEGAN WHEN WE NEED HIM? He doesn't care, he is on one of his "fasting" publicity stunts again. Maybe this on would last more then a week (looks like he could use it too as he has been hitting too much tofu lately).

Seriously folks, in the vegan world most plans are not thought out. Want to hear about deer over population, too much goose poop, bear attacking children in camping tents or entering houses looking for food? Maybe everyone should buy one of those bear-proof garbage cans. Where are they sold again, oh, that's right, the local ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS SELLS THEM! Hmmmm, create a market and sell a product. Don't hunt yogi or booboo, people are the problem, not the bears. Forget about the scientist and biologist opinions that NJ is over populated with bears. Their bear count is wrong, no bears have ever sent in a census form so we don't know how many bears there really are. Besides, if people kept their garbage cans inside of their house and put them outside minutes before the garbage truck arrived all would OK. Can't wait for the garbage trunk, buy a bear proof garbage can instead.

Livestock have been killed (I guess they didn't keep there little horsey garbage cans in the barn either), Children pulled out of tents (oh, right, child's fault for having food in tent), houses broken into (I guess they have to keep their bear proof garbage can out of sight when it is in the house). Nuisance bears to be trapped (alive) and relocated to another area (don't bring them to our county cries the animal loving people living in suburbia). The people living in bear country are outraged that "outsiders" are trying to control how they are suppose to live in harmony with the bears. Who are these outsiders? Well, they don'y live in bear country. They board busses at maslls to ride to Trenton to convince the legislators that the proven method of controlling bear population (hunting) is! INHUMAN?!? Bears are not human! Man is at the top of the food chain ladies and gentlemen, but these animal right activists convinced Trenton (no where near bear contry by the way) (and why was the meeting in Trenton anyway? Why not have a meeting in Sussex county where people living in bear country have a fair chance to speak their mind).

Hunters and anglers have spent millions of their own money (license fees) to buy land for preservation. (Maybe that is why there is such an anti movement, you cannot build a mall on preserved land). Hunters and anglers bring in millions of dollars in tax money spent on hunting and fishing supplies. They patrol the wooded areas and streams often reporting illegal activities that destroy our natural resources. They bring the public together for fishing derbies, hunter education, river cleanups, etc. What has the anti-hunting animal rights people do? They pour human urine around bear traps to discourage any bear from being trapped and relocated. They would rather see someone hurt or killed before a bear is inconvenienced.

Have to go to a meeting, more about how deer cost drivers millions in car insurance every year.
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blink blink

thats a hell of a lot of poorly formatted text...

just give me the gist of it will ya


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Sorry Methos, when I posted the first time it was correctly formatted. i spotted a spelling error, went in to correct and didn't noticed that all the formatting went away. It's fixed now.

The gist is, how would the world be if it was run by vegans? How would nature react if all the animals were set free? Would we be teaching our children what a cow was by showing them a picture? Would desease decrease the human population because animals were off limits to test cures?

Think about it. What do you think would happen? Lets hear some dialog.

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meh, i'm a firm meat eater...

while i agree we are omnivores, i disagree that we are top of the food chain...


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I don't even eat plants, I import tasty food pills from my home planet. Salad is murder too.

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Meat is murder and murder tastes good.

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Murder tastes great!

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How many here eat meat?

How would you feel if someone was trying to force you to stop eating meat?

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If vegans ruled the world, the following things would be outlawed:

meetings, stake-outs, lambasting, chopsticks, revealing, sporks, anything rare, medium, or well done, Beefeater, Hamburg, Meatloaf, Greece, Grease, Porky's, chicklettes, hampers, champions, etc.

Also the Manitee Pokers Union would be highly frowned upon.

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HI all,

I found this by accident, but I'm glad I did.

I don't know who this guy is that's attacking me, but clearly he has some serious and deep emotional problems.

I am indeed a comic book artist, a vegan, and an activist for both animals and special needs children.

In my view, it's just cowardly to attack someone (and their child, as he did in another post) without even letting that person know. There is no honor or dignity in what he's done. It's just a sad statement about how low some people will get.

If you want to know more about me and what I do, feel free to check out my websites:

And remember that a true hero always protects the weak from the oppression and violence of the strong.


Stu Chaifetz

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Gambler says:

"Meat is murder and murder tastes good."

I hate killing animals but I can't stop eating meat.

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Anyone got a cheeseburger?

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