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In a ravaged post-Atomic War Great Britain the twisted Lord Sagan and his fundamentalist mother have seized the reins of power and plan to deal with the mutant issue once and for all. Opening a gateway to an alien dimension they promise the mutants a new land – a utopia – but on the other side the exiles face only death.

Johnny Alpha and Middenface McNulty hear of the enforced exodus and head to Earth to stop the madness. Together they face an awesome and arcane power that may threaten the Search/Destroy Agents’ very future!

Collects the stories:

  • The Final Solution - part 1 (2000AD progs 600-647)
  • The Final Solution: Replay (2000AD prog 682)
  • The Final Solution - part 2 (2000AD progs 683-687)
  • Incident at the Birth of the Universe (2000AD Winter Special 1988)
  • The Town That Died of Shame (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1988)
  • Judge Dredd/Strontium Dog - Top Dog (Judge Dredd Annual 1991)

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