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After a few false endings, this 84-page Christmas Special is billed as the final issue, before Strip 1.2 launches in 2013....time will tell

Cover: Maxim (Christmas)

  • Cosmic Patrol (Mauricet and Jean-Louis Janssens)
  • Warpaint Chapter Six: City Limits (Phil Hester - John McCrea)
  • Strip Preview - Black Ops Extreme (Richmond Clements and Stephen Downey)
  • article - comic cuts - Aces Weekly
  • Dredger (classic British comics reprint) (Pat Mills and Gerry Finley-Day - Horacio Altuna) re-mastering team: Jim Campbell (lettering) and Kirsty Swan (colourist)
  • Strip Preview - Crucible (SMS/Smuzz)
  • feature - Mirabilis: Year of Wonders - Winter (book one and two) - graphic novel preview page (Dave Morris - Leo Hartas)
  • Denizens (Miki Horvatic - Maxim Simic)
  • Strip Preview - The Devil's Heritage: The Secret of Mont St. Michel (Jerome Felix - Paul Gastine)
  • feature - The Iron Moon - graphic novel preview page (Stephen Walsh - Keith Page)
  • An Impenetrable Fortress (Moebius)
  • Strip Preview - Age of Heroes (James Hudnall and John Ridgway)
  • Centrespread poster - Crucible (art: Bernard Kolle)
  • Kamikaze (Miki Horvatic - Esad T.Ribic)
  • feature - Strip character profiles - Black Ops Extreme (art: PJ Holden)
  • Claws Encounters of the Santa Kind (Van Dom - David Blankley)
  • Dan Barton of Space Command! (John Freeman - Andrew Chiu)
  • Corwin Blays in A Thief's Christmas (Miki Horvatic - Maxim Simic)
  • feature - Frontier - graphic novel preview page (Jason Cobley - Andrew Wildman)
  • Thracius the Seeker (James Hudnall - Mark Vigouroux)
  • Bogey-Man Bob (backcover strip) (Gerard Leever)







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