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When the Special Operations Strikeforce opened up a branch in Chicago, Striker was assigned to that precinct. He formed part of the field team that Dragon would lead into battle until he retired from the team. Striker then came under the command of Sgt. Marvel and took part in the mission to the Dark-Lands to rescue She-Dragon from the clutches of DarkLord and his forces.

The S.O.S. fell apart during the reign of CyberFace but after his removal from power, the team was reformed in Washington, DC. Striker once more became an active member of the group and assisted in missions that involved rampaging monsters, the Vicious Circle, the Gods, Imposter and the Nuclear Man.

When the government attempted to abduct Emperor Kurr and restore him to his Dragon persona, the S.O.S. teleported their target into their headquarters. Kurr gunned down all of the heroes present, Striker included. Kurr then proceeded to pummel all of the members into pieces to ensure that there were no survivors.

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