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The Adamantium Men were created by Blackguard, an evil organization based in the jungles of Colombia. They have ties to then Weapon X program and Roxxan Oil(?) to take out special targets like Wolverine.

They are Artificially Engineered Techno-Organics w/ a (non-mutant) healing factor from the nanites in their blood that regrow tissue. They have Animal-Like senses, Enhanced strength and reflexes (most likely drug-induced and with Bionic implants) and they have been put through the same adamantium bonding proses that Logan went through to make their bones unbreakable and are equipped with Energy Claws and Special guns w/ bullets that release 38 types of cancer into the targets systems

They are well trained soldiers that don't do any macho posturing or taunting they just move in for the kill. They how ever have been seen making jokes when out of combat

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