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Strife was seen battling Pandora back in ancient Greece, about 3000 years ago. Strife was appointed by Zeus himself to keep Pandora from interfering with his plan to change the nature of the heavens and the earth.

Character Evolution

Unable to stop Pandora, Strife tended to Twilight, daughter of Zeus and herself, who was put into a deep slumber until such time as Twilight can fulfill her part of Zeus' plan.

Some centuries later, the war demon Beset betrayed Strife to his allies, the god Vulcan and the human named Ransom. They trapped Strife in a temple in Mexico and took her weapon, the sword Despair. In modern times, Strife was released from her prison by two human explorers who stepped inside the circle of her prison. Still wanting to take revenge on Pandora, Strife used the Demonography, an ancient book of spells, to bound four demons to her will and sent them out to kill Pandora.

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