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Little is known about the origin of the villain known as Street. On his first foray into wanton destruction he attempted to tell his origin story only to be interrupted repeatedly by Spider-Man and the Human Torch. From what he was allowed to say we can piece together the following:

He blames society for his transformation into Street.

He worked for a company developing weather and stress resistant building and road materials.

Presumably, he killed his employer, Donald St--Ugh!

He worked for a company called Industrico, until the fateful day he fell into a mixer and gets crushed by Goom when he arrives to Earth. 



Henry Kramer has been transformed into a living asphalt being who is both weather and stress resistant. This affords him a great deal of invulnerability and super-strength. He is able to sense movement and can track others through their contact with pavement. He is able to meld with the asphalt and travel great distances.

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