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Street Speeder is an individual who is "A guy who runs really fast -- sometimes after 9:00 PM", according to a pair of old ladies who where very bothered by the running, and wished to hire someone to kill him. They tried the Avengers, but they don't kill people - at least not for money. Then the ladies heard of Deadpool, who was "a conscience-free lowlife scum who felt no remorse about snuffing out a human life." Deadpool thought these ladies wouldn't have the cash to hire him, but they had a big bake sale and raised exactly $21,025.75. So Deadpool accepts the job and set out to kill the Street Speeder. 
Deadpool tried a number of tactics to kill the speedster, from power launching himself at him with a net, to utilizing a rocket pack to catch up to him. All of his efforts ended in Wily E. Coyote fashion, frustrating Deadpool to no end. This only added to the bad week Deadpool was having, loosing his girlfriend Copycat and his love Siryn, and then having his home blown up by Kid Deadpool. Facing the burning remains of his home, the Street Speeder zoomed next to Deadpool, finally standing still. Without warning Deadpool achieved one good thing that day, by casually shooting the Street Speeder in the gut.

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