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Street Fighter review

Sure, sure, everyone knows that movis based on video games are bound to suck. Hard. Street Fighter is no exception. But I cheered every moment of it. What makes this movie special is that this kind of awesome badness, the enjoyable kind. Street Fighter doesn't need to be a good movie to be awesome, the acting and dialogue is so cheesy that I couldn't help but enjoy this lovable trainweck. The story goes on like this: in a ravaged by the war land called Shadaloo, our bad guy General M. Bison (played by the late Raul Julia, who is the best part in the whole movie thanks to his over-the-top and hammy presence) captured several AN workers to extort money and fund his megalomaniacal scheme TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Our hero is Colonel William F. Guille (played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, who is a case of horribly miscasting and despite his character being American, he speaks in a Belgian accent) who must stop Bison and rescue the hostages in three days, or else they will be executed. To further complicate things, the reporter Chun-Li seeks revenge against Bison for killing her father is aided by boxer Balrog and summotai E. Honda, standing in the way of Guile along with two small-time crooks Ken and Ryu.

If you know the basics of Street Fighter storyline, you might notice something is off (Ken and Ryu are the heroes, Chun-Li is police officer, Balrog is a bad guy, etc...) and that is just the beggining. Considering that around the time they made this movie, backstories were not important and nobody cared about it. What makes this crapstorm memorable to this day is Raul Julia's portrayal of M. Bison, which became his most consistent characterization in latter games. Since he was dying of cancer, he decided to let his grandchildren pick the last movie he would make and cut loose with everything he got. While his performance doesn't save the whole movie, it helped reach a cult classic status of "So Bad Its Good Movies" and his quotes in particular turned into memes such "But for me It was Tuesday" and "OF COURSE" the latter becoming a catchphrase in That Guy With The Glasses, in context to take over the world.

Its really funny. Totally recomend it.

But stay away from Legend Of Chun-Li. I beg you.

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