caligula's Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li review

Caligula reviews "Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li"

Let me start off by, warning you. This Film blows, it blows on such a massive level it makes the first "Street Fighter" movie almost bearable.

Well I'm going to start off with the characters, you think in a Street Fighter movie there wouldn't be such a lack of characters I mean they had an entire roster to chose from and all we get are Chun-Li, M. Bison, Vega, Gen, Balrog, and Charlie if you even count Charlie, i sure as hell don't. I mean where is Guile, or Ryu, or Ken, for christ's sake i would have settled for Dhalsim. But nope... those six characters are as far as it goes, And not a single one of them looks like who they portraym, WHEN THE HELL IN THE GAME DID BISON WHERE A GODDAMN TUXEDO? and with a title like "Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li" wouldn't you expect Chun-Li to be wearing her skimpy outfit? I would, and do. Oh and Balrog never once wheres boxing gloves, as a matter of fact he hardly Punches, he does more Neck Snapping and Airplane spins than actually punching. Speaking of the characters the actors all sucked, don't get me wrong i loved Robin Shou, i think he did a great job, despite the fact he looks nothing like Gen, yeah Gen looks as though he is mabye 45 in this movie, whatever happened to his white hair. Oh and the actor that plays Bison looks like Doogie Howser MD.

Now I could go on and on about the characters, but i won't. I'll move on to the fights, i hate to keep doing this but with a name like "Street Fighter" wouldn't you expect tons of Badass fights? I did. But instead we get some lame ass fights, that i could count on one hand. and the fights blew the only cool one wasn't even between "Street Fighter" characters. it was when Chun-Li, fought some random thugs in an alley in Bangkok. oh here is a List of the fights we get to see.
1. Chun Li's father vs Balrog (Fight is about 60 seconds)
2. Chun Li vs Thugs (fight is about 60 seconds)
3. Chun Li vs Vega (this fight lasts about 60 seconds)
4. Gen vs Balrog
5. Gen/Chun Li vs Bison

the majority of this film is Charlie and his Partner whinning and being completely F****' useless. and if it's not them wasting time it's crappy training montages with Chun Li and Gen, or boring inchorent rambling from Bison.
OHHHH and Bison apprently gave all his goodness to his daughter through some evil ancient chinese ritual.... yeah, no joke. that's there reasoning as to why Bison is a bad guy. and well atleast there can't be a sequel or atleast i hope not, cause Chun-Li kills Bison. Yep,  she kills him, breaks his goddamn neck.
well the bright-side to this piece of garbage is that mabye the first "Street Fighter" can take a break from all the riffing it gets.
Seriously if you love "Street Fighter" stay as far away from this film as possible. and i literally broke the DVD after i bought. yep, i was dumb enough to buy it, got home and watched it, watching the pieces fall into my trashcan was more entertaining than this movie.

Posted by bacchusV2

actually watched this in the theater and i was scrambling to get out as soon as the 20 minutes of the film started...if i weren't such a good friend, i would've left the rest of my companions in the theater! totally agree with this review. chun-li isn't even really asian in this move!!!

Posted by SoA

my friend had me sit thru this , it was god-awful

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

love this review I saw the movie and I would of given it a 1/2 stars

Posted by Roxanne Starr

I never would have had the desire to see this movie in the first place, but praise you, Caligula, for having the patience to write this review. :)
Posted by EnSabahNurX

Lmao The Bison ritual thing made nooooo sense to the overall story, the plot was very simplified and Vega & Bison are the worst cast. Those two aren't even similar to the characters they were portraying. I completely ignored the cops because they served no purpose at all and the guy was overacting the whole time. I do own the DVD mainly for the bonus disc, the movie should get one star and falls in the category of Halle Berry's catwoman. Could have been better if they had a better freakin plot rather than the obscure one they chose to go with. 
Will never understand why they didn't just do a tournament movie or what not. This made the Karate kid movie with jaden smith look the a four star film lmao

Posted by EdwardWindsor

lol totally agree  my friend asked me to review it for him i said one word aweful lol

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Posted by Glasgow

You actually sat through the entire thing? Wow, if I could give you a medal right now, I would.

Posted by Shadow_Thief

I think Roger Ebert's little ignorant tirade on video games nicely encapsulates why so many movies based on them wind up sucking. The folks in the film industry obviously aren't gamers; they don't play them, they don't understand them, and they have no idea what it is that those of us who do find valuable and meaningful in them. All they see is something that is incredibly popular, and their cocaine-addled brains make little cash register noises. They slap together a mediocre film that barely resembles its source material, and slap the name on to boost ticket sales.

Posted by Walker696

Watching the previews I knew this was gonna blow. I sent my home girl out to see it for me(she likes martial arts movies and knows nothing about the street fighter series at all). She told me the movie was horrible and she knew nothing about the characters. So when I told her the story behind the characters and showed her who they should have looked and fight (thanks to Street Fighter 4), she wanted to go get her money back. Seems like the words "original" and "suck" are becoming interchangable when it comes to movies now. This movie may have killed all chances of us getting a good movie and hopefully one with my boy Akuma.........just sad

Posted by Destinyhero20


Posted by DH69

its a movie based off of a video game, of course it sucks

Posted by pinchpaker29

 1/2 stars is too generous for this film. They totally wrecked chun li, i hope everyone forgets about this. Hollywood has a really bad habit of DESTROYING video game movies... I here that they are doing a Tekken and king of figthers movie which I am 70% sure is gonna suck... :D

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