tsakura's Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li review

Chun-Li's OVA Movie

First off, this isn’t the first time they changed her story line. So I just want everyone to know that this is an OVA movie.

Ok, I’ve only heard bad things about this movie, and that’s because it’s an OVA. What’s an OVA you ask? Original video animation. That’s when they make a movie or TV series that has it’s own story line of a Main Story. So, when I saw it on Blu-ray, I just had to get it! I’m a Street Fighter fan and I’ve seen most of the movies. So, I had to get it.

Right from the start you could see the new story line. Chun-Li’s father was a business man. That was a little weird but it worked very well with the movie. Chun-Li isn’t a cop too. This helped open the movie to some great areas. I liked how we meet Bison and Balrog. I think both were well played. They did go for the Real World look on them and didn’t use their costumes. The only one who could’ve been better was Vega. He wasn’t that good at all. At least Chun-Li kicked his butt with a fast fight. =P

Well, the movie goes like this

Bison Kidnaps Chun-Li’s father. So, Chun-Li has to grow up without him. One day she runs to help an old man that just got trashed by a gang. Later she gets a scroll from someone. Then she learns she has to go to Bangkok to find Gen.

When he finds her, he trains her how to fight better. Later, she joins forces with Nash and Interpol to take down Shadaloo. Then they go after Bison.

After everything is done, she now fights to help the people as a Street Fighter.

I really enjoyed the story. I loved how they showed her in this. I really enjoyed how they showed us Bison! He was sick and Evil!

I hope they make more movies from this! I would love to see them! Give this one a try! It’s a fun one!


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