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Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun Li

In the beginning we see a young Chun Li played by a very pure blooded Chinese girl. If you look closely at the following montage, you will see the actressess slowly losing the ethnicity so theymatch up with Kristen Krueks Dutch/Chinese look.
I can honestly say, I do not know if this movie improves upon staring at a blank screen for the same amount of time as the movie length.  

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    Caligula reviews "Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li" 0

    Let me start off by, warning you. This Film blows, it blows on such a massive level it makes the first "Street Fighter" movie almost bearable.Well I'm going to start off with the characters, you think in a Street Fighter movie there wouldn't be such a lack of characters I mean they had an entire roster to chose from and all we get are Chun-Li, M. Bison, Vega, Gen, Balrog, and Charlie if you even count Charlie, i sure as hell don't. I mean where is Guile, or Ryu, or Ken, for christ's sake i would...

    21 out of 24 found this review helpful.

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