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Shadaloo dispatches Special Agent Killer Bee to surveil the Street Fighters! Plus a special back-up bonus story featuring Chun-Li vs. Cammy, by Adam Warren!


Killer Bee reports in to M. Bison, telling him that she has located Ryu. He tells her to continue her surveillance.

Guile, still in pursuit of the henchthug from last issue, encounters Chun-Li, who tells him that she is a Hong Kong based Interpol agent, and that she is in the U.S. to attend a meeting she has scheduled with Commander Charlie Nash in two days. Guile tells her that Charlie was his friend, but that he disappeared on a mission two months ago, and that all he knows is that Bison is responsible. Chun-Li demands to know everything that Guile knows about Bison, and Guile tells her to meet him at Interpol HQ in the morning.

Meanwhile, Ryu, asleep at Ken's house, has a dream in which he remembers an incident from his childhood wherein his Master, Gouken, was confronted by man who tells him that the martial arts he teaches are flawed, and always will be until he embraces the "murderous intent" of their style. Gouken tells the man that he dishoners the name of their master, Goutetsu, by saying those words.

"Even the master did not understand." The man says. "If I am wrong, how could I have killed him?"

"MURDERER!" Gouken shouts, launching himself at the man. While Ryu watches, the two of them battle ferociously, but in the end, Gouken stands triumphant. The man tells Gouken to finish him, but Gouken refuses, saying that he will continue teaching that their art should be used to preserve life, not destroy it. The man walks away, revealing the same Japanese character left by Gouken's killer emblazened upon the back of his gi, and telling Gouken that mercy is his weakness. "One day you will regret not killing me, brother."

Waking from his dream, Ryu recalls that Gouken's brother's name was Akuma. He wakes Ken and Eliza, and tells them about the memory he has recalled in his dream, and of his intention to go to Japan to search for Akuma. He asks Ken if he will come with him, and Ken says that of course he will - at which point Eliza adds, "Not without me, you're not!" That settled, Ken calls ahead to his private jet and schedules their trip to Japan.

Outside Ken's house, Killer Bee lurks in the tree, hearing every word of their conversation, then reporting to Bison that their target will be leaving for Japan. Bison then contacts Vega and tells him that he has a special assignment for him.

Meanwhile at the Interpol's U.S. headquarters, Chun-Li meets with Guile to talk about Shadaloo and Bison. Chun-Li tells him that Shadaloo kidnapped her father about six months ago, but she still holds onto the hope that he will be found alive. She asks Guile what their latest intelligence is on Bison, and he replies that they don't have much, just that he has shown interest in a fighter named Ryu.

Chun-Li remembers that one of the people at the restaurant the previous evening went by that name. Guile looks at the picture in Ryu's file and realizes that they had their best lead right under their noses, but let it walk away. Calling immigration, he discovers that Ryu has left for Japan, and, telling Chun-Li that Ryu is their only shot at finding Bison and discovering exactly what happened to both Charlie and her father, he arranges for them to follow him.

In Japan, Ken and Ryu visit their master's grave, located nearby the dojo the two of them were trained in. Speaking to Gouken's grave, Ken tells him that he thought about bringing him flowers, but thought of something else that he hoped would mean more - a demonstration of the technique that Ken developed in master Gouken's honor which he calls the SHINRYUKEN (the flaming dragon punch). Ken then kneels before his master's grave, and swears that he will help Ryu to avenge Gouken's death.

Elsewhere in Japan, Vega has arrived. He contacts M. Bison and tells him that he has yet to locate Ryu, due to the fact that Killer Bee lost track of him once he left the states. Vega's dislike of Killer Bee, and the rest of Bison's "Doll" soldiers, is evident, but Bison tells him that they have never failed him, and the he would be wise to follow suit.

Vega spies a poster advertising that "Japan's Greatest Warrior" will be at a book signing nearby, and heads there.

"Japan's greatest warrior" turns out to be E. Honda, who has written a book titled "SUMO: THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR." Already present when Vega arrives are two Japanese schoolgirls: Sakura and her friend, Kei. While Kei is bored out of her mind, Sakura is a huge E. Honda fan, stating that she is excited just to be in his presence, and that she wants to be just like him.

Just then, Vega enters, loudly mocking Honda's claim to be Japan's greatest warrior and saying he looks like a fat, diapered slob to him.

The two of them lfy at each other, with Sakura loudly cheering for Honda. However, after a relatively short exchange, Vega stands victorious over Honda's unconscious form. He leaves the scene, but as he does so the photograph of Ryu he had been carrying falls from his coat. Intrigued, Sakura snags the photo. "Ryu, huh?" She says.

Outside, Vega gets a lucky break when he spies Ken and Eliza nearby...


It is six months prior to the events of the main story, and Bison is ordering Killer Bee to find one of Shadaloo's field agents who is, in fact, working undercover for Interpol. He tells her the man is in Hong Kong and that he wants him brought before him.

Next we see Chun-Li's father being injected in the neck with a hypodermic needles and pulled into a dark car. Chun-Li tries to save him, but she has her attempt thwarted by a sudden attack from Killer Bee. After a brief, but brutal, exchange, Killer Bee retreats, saying that she has delayed Chun-Li long enough. "Your father is long gone, I'm afraid. TA!" She yells to Chun-Li as she does a series of jumps and flips to escape.

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