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Francis Scott Street and Francis Shubael Smith began their publishing partnership when they bought an old fiction magazine. In 1858 they bought the New York Weekly Dispatch, in 1933 they bought some tittles from Clayton Magazine which included "Astonishing Stories". In 1937 Street & Smith discontinued many of their pulp tittles such as "Complete Stories" and "Top-Notch".

Street & Smith stopped publishing pulps and comics in 1949 when sales declined due to the advent of television. They sold many of their tittles to Popular Publications. Conde Nast Publications bought them out in 1959. The company name continued to be used on the sports pre-season magazine until 2007. American City Business Journals acquired the Sporting News and merged Street and Smith in to TSN's annuals.

Street & Smith were responsible for creating such classic pulp characters as The Shadow, The Avenger, Justice Inc, and Doc Savage.

The other characters originally published by Street and Smith were

Ajax, The Sun Man

Bill Barnes

Black Dragon

The Black Fury V

Black Dragon

Cap Fury

Crime Wizard

Dazaar, the Arch Fiend

Devil Kyoti

Doc Savage (Gold Key, Marvel, DC, Dynamite)

Dr. Quartz

Frank Merriwell

Frank Reed

Gadget Man

Hooded Wasp and Wasplet

Honey Wasp

Iron Ghost

Iron Munro, the Astonishing Man

I. V. Frost (Moonstone)

The Joker-Detective Story Magazine 1919

Justice, Inc (DC, Dynamite)

Monstradamus (First multi-arc Shadow villian)

Nick Carter

Norgil the Magician

Professor Solarus, The Space Master

Norgil, the Magician

Red Dragon

The Shadow (DC, Dynamite)

Spider (Street and Smith version)

The Talon


White Rook

Dynamite publishes The Shadow. Shadow was published by DC. DC was publishing The Avenger, Doc Savage, and Justice Inc.

Street & Smith was purchased by Conde Nast in 1959.

Major series:

For a list of Street and Smith publication including the pulp work see

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