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David, Casey and Freddie find Francine stood in a gallery titled Francine with six foot tall pictures of her in tasteful nude and semi nude poses. Freddie is utterly smitten with them but Francine is angry and crying when an ambivalent and sloshed Katchoo arrives hands in pockets. Francine bawls in her face about the violation she feels. For once Katchoo has nothing much to say. She turns it on David as well and, after attracting a crowd, storms out. 
A sullen Katchoo quietly asks David to get her the curator.  When he arrives he refuses to take down the exhibit as she requests so she stuffs his tie in his mouth and calls the office saying the exhibition is receiving obscenity complaints from the police. Casey seeing Freddie's reaction to the massive images of Francine's boobs calls her doctor and schedules an implant size increase procedure. 
Carolyn Hobbs sits next to Katchoo and asks if she'd like to be rich, Katchoo says shes been rich. She takes a new tac and asks if she'd like her paintings in the Metropolitan by the end of the year. Is she wants to be a part of art history all she has to do is say yes.
Outside Francine's car has been towed. She finds this out from an unseen man who says she is beautiful and his name is Brad. 
Back home Francine is packed and moving back to her mothers. David offers to drive her tot he airport when Katchoo fails to say a word. They leave and Katchoo breaks down  never getting further into the house than the doorway.







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