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This is where it all began in print for Francine Peters and Katina "Katchoo" Choovanski.                                                                                                                                               
10 years ago  
Lacking in self confidence high-schoolgirl Francine, encouraged by her tomboy friend Katchoo, steps out onto stage and clumsily causes Freddie femur to fall yanking down her toga in front of a huge audience leaving her embarrassed in just her panties. 
Present day

Katchoo & Francine are roommates and Freddie is Francine's boyfriend. Katchoo's reckless acts and Francine's unwillingness to sleep with Freddie drive him to leave her. Katchoo's attempts to console her best friend thinly mask her love and desire for the strictly religious raised Fran. 
Later, watched by the young David Qin, Katchoo visits the art gallery and despoils a statue of a man & woman she finds 'sexist crap'. Through his charmingly inept attempt to chat her up he gets to take her for a coffee.
in a bold move to win Freddie back Francine walks into Freddie's office in just her underwear and a raincoat, only to discover Freddie with a blonde on his desk. Partly dress and embarrassed in public again she flees.  She makes one last effort to win Freddie back meeting him in a park, when he rejects her once and for all for being a prude she strips naked before him and drives home crashing the car.  
A shocked David and Katchoo pull her from the wreck and Katchoo swears vengeance on Freddie. 
Republished May 1997 by Abstract Studios.    







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