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Just like with my other Chronology thread, this thread is not about only showing the high end feats from Stranger but rather everything major he has done, for high end to low end to average showing. I am hoping this thread can help people understand who Stranger is and how powerful he really is.

So lets start (Sorry its not on a chronological order)

X- men vol 1 11

Prof X is able to detect the presence of the stranger using his image inducer, but think Stranger is a mutant of great power. Stranger however over-power the machine preventing it to actually create a image of the stranger.

Stranger creating money out of thin air

Flying and phasing thru buildings

Magneto and Mastermind try to show Stranger their power in the hope that Stranger would join them, their power work on Stranger but then he uses his power they are all blown away. He turns Master mind into solid block of matter, perhaps because he used his illusion on Stranger

Stranger pwns Magneto. Stranger takes Magneto and Toad with him because he is apprently interested to study about Mutants.(he returns Magneto in X men 18 if anyone is interested)

Marvel Handbook 1983 has a reference to this instance (sorry about the poor quality, its a very old book what can i say )

Marvel handbook 1985 also has a reference to the same instance

Tales to Astonish 89

Stranger meets Bruce Banner, puts him in an energy field motionless. Stranger has been watching earth for a long time and he is not impressed with how human being are so he decided to destroy most of humans and start the planet anew , better than before. For that he has choose the Hulk. Once Bruce Banner turns hulk he is capable of breaking the hold Stranger has Bruce in, then Hulk is attacked by enough energy to change planet's orbit, Hulk still resist. Stranger than increase the power even more, Hulk can no longer resists and falls on the ground. Hulk is then mind-washed and sent on a rampage destruction course.

Tales to Astonish 91

Stranger is impressed with Hulk valor and realises that he will serve no master. This leads Stranger to question his judgement of Humanity, and seeing how Abomination is all evil he decides to take Abomination with him.

Thor 178

Abomination, who is locked in Stranger's planet , seeing stranger leaves and is playing around with Stranger's computer to find a way to reach home (i.e. earth). He pressess a button that transports Thor to Stranger's planet. Abomination makes Thor help him free the others, Stranger arrives, they fight for a short time and Thor realises Stranger is too power. So he teleports away within the Stranger planet. Thor knows that if he now runs away Stranger will follow him all the way to Asgard and Thor believes that kind of power is too much even for Asgard to face. So he turns back time and leaves before agreeing to help Abomination.

Fantastic Four 116: Easily defeated the Overmind

Marvel handbook 1983 collaborates the entire incident

Marvel handbook 1985 collaborates the entire incident as well

Silver Surfer vol 1 05

Stranger wants to destroy all life on Earth because he belives those are unworthy, and for that he has brought a null bomb. Silver Surfer stands in his way, Stranger and Silver Surfer fight, they seem pretty even in the fight, but Al B. Harper managed to sacrifice himself to stop the null bomb. Seeing a man sacrifice his life for Other Stranger is force to judge the planet worthy and leaves

Marvel Handbook 1985 collaborates the entire incident

Silver Surfer vol 3 27

Stranger comes to Hala in order to take S'Byll because she is a mutant skrull, and Stranger loves to study mutant. He is opposed by Silver Sufer whose power cosmic Stranger easily negate. Then Superskrull tries to fight Stranger he loses as well. Silver Surfer has regain his powers back and he opposes Stranger once again. They fight for a while with no clear winner but Reptyl decides to give his crew members in exchange for Skrull queen S'Byll. Thus after agreeing on that bargain Stranger leaves

Silver Surfer Vol 3 30

A very short fight with Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Vol 3 31

A short meeting with Living Tribunal

Marvel Handbook 1991 collaborates the whole incident

Marvel Team up V1 52

Adam Warlock and Spiderman are stranded on Gardners planet. Stranger manages to catch the reading of Gardner's gems and comes to the planet to find an infinity gem with Adam Warlock. Stranger fights Warlock to take him gem, Warlock is defeated but before he can take the gem away from Warlock Spiderman intervene. While Spiderman is much too powerless to beat Stranger alone, Gardner lends him a hand that distracts the Stranger long enough for Spiderman to free Adam Warlock. Warlock and Gardner pool the power of their gem together, and Stranger is defeated and he flees

Marvel handbook 1985 backs the whole incident

Champion 12

So Stranger comes to earth in order to warn heroes that a null bomb that he left on earth, which is about to activate and has the ability to first encase the entire star system in an energy sphere and contract thereby crushing everything within, heroes dont listen to him and start to fight him. Dark Star tries to blind him with Darkforce she fails. Iceman, Angel , Hercules , Black Widow and Ghost Rider together fight him for a few time, then finally realise Stranger is telling the truth but its too late since the bomb has already activated.

Champion 13

So Stranger physically hold back the power of null bomb till Dark Star gets the Runestaff of Kamo Tharn, and using its power cause the bomb to expand forever meaning it would just expand and not contract saving the problem.

Marvel handbook 1983 backs the whole incident

Marvel Handbook 1985 backs the whole incident as well

Marvel Two in One Annual 05

Stranger planet shown on panel, one of the many he has of course

Stranger transforms himself into pure energy

Stranger has a short fight with Hulk and Thing

Alongside Thing and Hulk Stranger teleports to Hades, not Mephisto's Hades, but Pluto Hades. Why do they have a realm that has the same name.. we shall never know

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Ok so comicvine is being an a$$ so will have to continue my post from here :)

Hades plans are revealed, he has a machine which creates a gigantic black hole that can consume entire universe. Stranger fights Pluto but is defeated soundly, but its the action of Hulk and Thing that destroys the machine and hence Pluto is defeated.

The incident is referred in Marvel Handbook 1983

As well as Marvel Handbook 1985

Avengers vol 1 317

This issue pretty much potrays Stranger as being similar to Galactus just in a smaller scale, why do i say then well we'll see eventually :)

Firstly Stranger comes to Avengers ship, take Nebula with him, and totally ignore the Avengers as if they were insignificant to him, well they probably were.

Galactus has a spaceship that dwarfs planets, his ship is roughly the size of Argentina

Galactus has punishers, Stranger does too, but they are called Blockade

Galactus has a powerful device that can nullify the whole multiverse, Ultimate Nullifier, Stranger has infinity unison which can channel ALL the energies in the universe to a person. More on Infinity Unison below.

Avengers 318

Nebula manages to harness the power of the Infinity Union, growing huge in size and being a lot more powerful. She then proceeds to stomp Stranger again and again. Then she does a rookie mistake, she leaves the defeated Stranger and begins to toy with the Avengers when Stranger finally manages to locate the Infinity Union, block Nebula from accessing its power and then Nebula is defeated by the Avengers

Marvel Handbook 1991 backs the whole incident

Quasar 14

We also see Stranger is apparently operating on Jakaar because they look very similar.

Quasar 16

Overmind has come to take revenge on Stranger for defeating him last time. They fight, look equally matched in fact Overmind seem to be winning. Then Watchers show up, Overmind is concerned by Watcher showing up and distracted Stranger manages to beat him

Marvel Handbook 1991

Beyond 06

A relatively weird showing here. Firstly Stranger pretends to be the Beyonder and conduts experiments on human exactly like the Beyonder did in Secret War 01. Hank Pym shrinks the attendents and pretends as he killed them. Stranger is fooled by this deception and comes to grant him the wish. Hank first asks the Beyonder to reveal himself, and he is revealed to be The Stranger. Then Hank Pym asks Stranger to stop doing the experiement, he refuses but says he could resurrect the fallen (something 2 previous handbook says Stranger cant do). Then Stranger tries to fight the heroes but given the fact that Watcher is standing right there he is scared because he feels Watcher is there to watch him fall so he reluctantly agrees. Turns out Gravity dies while teleporting the heroes home and Watcher was there is witness his death.

Starblast 04: Teleported a planet away, but really struggled against Skeletor.

Astonishing Thor 01: Stranger is revealed as the creator of Ego, the living planet

Astonishing Thor 03: Stranger is shown creating Ego and Alter-Ego

X-men Forever 06: Struggled with the X-men

Some bio entries

Power And Abilities.

Power and Abilities as listed in Marvel Handbook 1983

Power and abilities as listed in Marvel Handbook 1985

Power and abilities as listed in Marvel Handbook 1991

Power and Abilities as listed in Marvel Encyclopedia 2004

Power Grid as shown in Marvel Encyclopedia 2005


As listed in Marvel Handbook 1983

As listed in Marvel handbook 1985

Marvel Handbook 1983 also list some generic peers for Stranger

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Thank you. Good information on this character as well as many other lesser known cosmic characters is hard to come by.

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