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On the Trail of the Amazing Spider-Man! 0

Last month in Strange Tales #112 we had an entire issue that tried (poorly) to convince readers that somehow young bullheaded Johnny Storm was a superhero not because he wanted fame and publicity, but because he felt it the right thing to do. Of course, it was a flimsy premise because we know from everything beforehand developed with Johnny that this isn't exactly true to his character and that he does get off on being something of a celebrity. Nevertheless, this time around in his debut in the ...

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Fantastic Two 0

We've got ourselves a little bit of a partnership here as Spider-Man and The Human Torch team up to hunt themselves a painting stealing fox. What follows is an adventure that relies far too heavily on luck and a very odd use of Spider-Man’s spidey sense which makes the plot a bit of a non starter. That said the bringing together of Spider-Man and Johnny Storm gives us some wonderful back and forth dialogue.The dialogue is slightly more fiery, if you’ll pardon the pun, than the normal...

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