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Warlock discovers that there is no escape from the Madness monster!

Adam Warlock has found himself in some strange reality. He is met by a group of clowns telling him that is in 'the land of the way it is'. They tell him this is where he will be happy. In reality he is being mentally conditioned by the Matriarch and the Universal Church or Truth. They use will numbing drugs and a sensory input helmet, but still he resists.

Gamora and Pip are seeking Warlock in order to free him. One of the Church's Black Knights fears Gamora and tells her where to find him.

The reconditioning is not working. The Matriarch tells them the clowns will not work and they must try to convince Warlock that the Church can be greater with his assistance. She truly plans to have him serve her and eventually the Magus as well.

Warlock still resists and demands escape from the crazy world he is in. A clown tells him the only exit is through the doorway of madness. Adam enters the door and this releases the Madness Monster. He battles the monster that turns out to be the evil within himself. He realizes that the monster is neither good nor evil, but merely a different point of view. This allows him to release himself from the world.

He is met by Pip and Gamora, who have stormed in to his rescue. They were about to rescue him before he rescued himself. Then the one he has been searching for finally reveals himself - he is now face to face with the Magus.

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