otoboke's Strange Tales #113 - The Coming Of The Plantman! review

The Coming Of The Plantman!

Okay, time to put Strange Tales out of its misery, I think. How long does this series continue on for? Really? But anyway, this month Johnny has a new foe with kinda similar powers and an even dorkier name. Plantman—some gardener who can control intelligent plants with a machine he built in his spare time—seeks to rule the world this time around and it takes Torch fourteen pages to figure out that when it comes to vegetation, he pretty much has the upper hand. The battles themselves play out much like battles with Namor in that Plantman pretty much has a plant for every occasion, that is, until Johnny saps them of their vapour. Or something. So yeah we get more lock-picking shape shifting plants, fighting trees and this time we even get a look into a steady girlfriend of sorts for Johnny. Shame she's got even less of a personality than the plants though.

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