roxanne_starr's Strange Tales #1 review

Five Stars!!!...Well, more like a dozen really. :)

This is the best thing from Marvel all year. Paul Pope, Pete Bagge, Bertozzi, Jason...what a line-up!
One story is funnier than the next in this anthology, and they all make fun of iconic Marvel characters. Pope's tale about the Inhumans is the centerpiece of this comic. It is also the longest contribution, and the hero of the team is Lockjaw!...returning from his triumphant rescue of Bo Obama in Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers!
The Watcher in Bertozzi's 1-pager is a perv with hairy legs wearing high-heels. Kochalka has the Hulk being attacked by pathetic clones of himself. Jason has his dog/bear/non-specific animals in the roles of Spider-Man, the Flash and Doc Octopus. Johnny Ryan's story has Aunt May buying porno. What more can one want in a comic book?

Posted by Mr. Wilson

This was amazing.
Posted by Roxanne Starr

Wasn't it?
I love a comic that makes me laugh. They are rare these days.

Posted by jefprice

Lol You just sold me on it

Posted by Roxanne Starr

Thanks, Jefprice!

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