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Collecting STRANGE BATTLE TALES, STRANGE FAIRY TALES AND STRANGE PIRATE TALES. This new digital collection features the VERY FIRST APPEARANCE of FEARLESS DAWN. Under her alter ego VANDA SAVAGE, we go to an alternate future where the she-agent and he band of guerillas duke it out in a war torn story we like to call " GIVE 'EM BULLETS". Also on hand are the short tales "DEAL WITH THE DEVIL" , "ROMMEL'S DESERT APES" and "RACE OF DOOM!". Then--the humorous and quirky approach to the classic fairy tale genre. "THE TALE" is a rollicking chronicle about love, heroism, friendship, and mowing down evil demons with machine guns. "LITTLE DEAD RIDING HOOD" is a warped retelling of the classic children's story, with a gruesome "twist" ending reminiscent of the finest pre-code horror comics of the 1950s. And finally the PIRATE TALES feature four stories chronicling the misadventures of legendary pirate Brownhole Jones and his crew of stooges. Also featuring the sexiest good girl on the seven seas, Sea-Goin' Lil, as well as Brownhole Jones' alter ego, Steampipe Johnny! Steve Mannion (Fearless Dawn, The Bomb) serves up a giant collection of stories which offer a humorous and quirky approach to the classic war, fairy and pirate tale genres. All tales feature a humorous "twist" ending reminiscent of the finest pre-code horror and war comics of the 1950s.

Story Titles

  • Give 'em Bullets!
  • Deal With the Devil
  • Rommel's Desert Apes
  • Race of Doom
  • The Tale
  • Little Dead Riding Hood
  • A Swashbucklin' Pirate Story
  • The Adventures of Brownhole Jones







Story Arcs

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