silkcuts's Strange Adventures #205 - Who Has Been Lying In My Grave?; War of The Mind Readers! review

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The Origin of Deadman and why he hates "Snow".

I am amazed how well this comic holds up.  The art is great for how old it is, while the story is very mature.  This comic can be enjoyed by a teenage reader if they are okay with older comics and mature enough to not tease the quality.  On an older reader level the drug innuendo is great.  The wit that Arnold Drake had was top notch, there were lines that made me grim how clever they were.
This comic is also the origin of Deadman and it was a solid story and an origin that is still relevant to his character today.
This comic in its original form is scares and valuable, it is nice that DC Comics collected it in DC Comics Presents: Brightest Day #1.
If you get a chance to read this I would.  
- Silkcuts


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