wykedlilkara's Strange #3 - Generation Hexed review

Aggravated (spoilers)

 I am not aggravated by anything in the book itself, I am aggravated by the fact that there is only 1 issue left before this series ends. This series pulled me in instantly, from its art style, to its story, to its coloring. Everything in this series has been great. It just sucks that its going to end in a month.

In this issue though, we have Caseys further adventures to try and unlearn the spell that she originally learned from Strange, but does not get far as the two are quickly taken away to a youths beauty pageant by a wish granting demon named Larry. He takes the two here where he calls in a favor that Strange owes him. He is wanting to get rid of another wish granter who makes unfair deals with people, but in this case he makes a deal with all the parents of the pageant that their daughter wins. But the deal is always in his favor, whether the wisher gets their way or not he still gets to collect something.

Of course they didn't know that the demon had done this, so their original intent was to find a single parent that summoned the demon and made the bargain with him. Now the visuals of the beauty pageant is a bit far-fetched, but at the same time you could easily believe that it could very much be how things like that happen backstage. Unfortunately though at the time all the parents are shown as monsters in Caseys truth seeing glasses, so they are unable to find out who the parent was that made the deal. Since this doesn't work the demon friend of Strange turns Casey into a child so that she can go under cover to find out who the parent is. While she does this the Demon takes Strange to hell where he shows Strange where the second demon keeps his souls so that Strange can talk to his former victims.

As time goes on Casey starts to figure out what is going on as all the mothers are being shown as monsters, but no one else in the audience or the judges. She realizes that all the mothers have made the same deal with the same demon. At the same time while in hell Strange finds the souls of the children. Strange and Larry quickly return to the normal world as the winner is announced, and the demon not only collects the soul of the child that won but half the souls of the children that lost.

Because he has cheated so many people in win win deals it causes a magical rift. The demon Larry ultimately defeats him. This unfortunately does nothing as the rift stays open and sucks Larry into it leaving Casey and Strange to try and find a way to seal the rift. Even though I am aggravated by the fact that there is only 1 issue left, I personally thing this is a great lead into to a conclusion to this mini-series.
I definitely rate this a 5.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

The dynamic between Casey and Strange continues to be such a brilliant dynamic in this book. With Doctor VooDoo getting the yank and this limited series concluding, I think something bigger is going to come in the works. However, can I really believe that with such crap like Deadpool corps and yet, another Iron Man title coming out? Marvel just continues to be more about filching and less about raising the bar for its readers.

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