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Brash young surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange is on a collision course with destiny -- a journey that will force him to search the deepest corners of his own heart...and the outer reaches of the cosmos, culminating in him becoming the Sorcerer Supreme!


A very young and cocky Stephen Strange is practicing alternative medicines in Tibet, where he is treating a young boy named Wong. After hearing it is time to leave he gives Wong a watch and promises to return. Before he goes he takes notice of an old monastery. Curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to go check it out. On the way he meets an old man who walks with him, giving him sage advice. He never makes it to the top, and as he leaves the Doctor in charge tells him he doesn't expect Stephen to keep his promise. Three Years later back in the states, Stephen Strange is has graduated at the top of his class and can now write his own ticket in the medical world. When his professor finds out he is going to renig on his promise to return to Tibet, he reads Stephen the riot act. That night the professor dies in a seemingly random car accident. At the funeral Stephen is talking to his friend about the things the professor told him, and about how he broke his promise to go back to Tibet. They both agree, there is always next summer. Three years later Stephen is living the high life as the star Dr. at a plastic surgery firm. While on vacation Dr. Stephen Strange goes on the slopes by himself, and ends up in an accident, as the book closes he is laying broken in the snow.

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Nice to meet you, Dr. Strange 0

So I was just looking for a short story to read. Don't know much about Dr. Strange so I think it could be a nice start.The art is great, and it looks like a beggining of a story. Though everying passes really fast (jumps like 6 years in 2 pages), you can understand the character and the storyline. I don't know how the plot can go from here, and I guess it won't contain "super-hero crazy fights". Just Strange's story. Which is pretty sad cause thats not enough action. But if I'll like this story ...

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The Age Of The Trade Paperback. 0

Okay, I know these days all stories have to be told in six issue arcs, but there is sometimes no need for it. This issue presents the same four page scene done twice, After the first half of the book I thought okay I get it, he put money ahead of people and broke his promise, get on with it. It's kind of bad that it had to be like that, because beyond the repitition, the book is actually pretty good. I like the art it fits the story quite nicely. Everyone seems to be getting a more mature make...

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dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no249 0

This is a pretty distinctive image by Brandon Peterson - a completely unshowy but still somewhat intriguing cover. Fantastic use of colour, the contrasts of ice blue sky, red coat and green fields, gives a sense of coldness and mystery. One of its key assets is that the figure (who we presume is the good doctor, but can't be certain) has his back to us so his identity remains unknown. All in all, quite a lot going on and the picture really stands out thanks to an original approach. Incidentally ...

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