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Straga is the demonic general during the End-War at the battle of Armageddon. He is also the most powerful of The Destroyer's chosen, who briefly duels and defeats Abaddon in the game's prologue. It is assumed that due to the outcome of the battle and the Hell-guard weakened, the Charred Council grants overall victory of the Apocalypse to Hell. Seeing as a century after the epic battle Earth is infested with a demonic presence, this appears to be the outcome.

Straga's defeat of Abaddon causes animosity with War from the Angels, who view War's presence at the time as deliberately intervening in the end-war that was supposed to be solely between the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell. Uriel feels that the presence of the Red Horseman on the battlefield turned the tides of war into Hell's favor. Straga battled the Red Horseman War during the battle of Armageddon. War (who had already been stripped of much of his power during the end-war) fought fiercly against Straga but was ultimately defeated in battle due to his weakened state.

Straga's appearance seems to be that of a gigantic humanoid - many stories tall - with armour that looks more akin to rock than flesh, and a face that slightly resembles a skull. Most of his lower body seems to be submerged in a lake of lava - he fights by swiping with his huge arms or club, and throwing cars at War. He makes appearance also further in the game as the last of The Chosen but this time War doesn't take his heart. During the fight he summons minor demons and also attacks with his hammer. After a lengthy battle, War uses the Voidwalker to fire a portal into Straga's mouth, which he then enters and destroys Straga from the inside.

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