Why did Apollo not want to come out as a super hero?

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(From issue #2, when Apollo and Midnighter first chat.) Midnighter claims to know. Personally, I have no real idea what he's talking about. Does anyone here know?

#2 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14183 posts) - - Show Bio

@Darthmat said:

(From issue #2, when Apollo and Midnighter first chat.) Midnighter claims to know. Personally, I have no real idea what he's talking about. Does anyone here know?

..................i don't think thats what they meant..........

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It might have to do with their origins, In this universe we don't know if thier abilities are natural or manufactured or it might be about there sexuality maybe Apollo is a closeted homsexual in TheNew52U. My guess it will be revealed in time.

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I think it actually had to do with Apollo not wanting to be bound by the moral code of a "Superhero"

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@spiderbat87: I'm more inclined to think this too based off of Apollo's original characterization in the Wildstorm universe. He's not opposed to helping, but probably doesn't feel to cosure about the strings that get attached with mainstream heroism. When he was crushing up those asteroids he spoke of how he was doing this for all those ungrateful people on earth who if they knew of how strong he really was would hate him. It could also have something to do with his sexuality as well and not wanting to have to deal with the possible backlash that comes with being a publicly perceived superhuman topped off with being gay.

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- Considering the crap LGBT people go through in real life, it's hard to blame him on being skeptical about outing himself

- This is not to endorse doing so, just that I understand not wanting to deal with the bigoted jag-offs in the world

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Honestly, things like racism/sexism/otherkindsof-ism don't translate very well to the sort of level he's on. -"What can you do?" -"Rearrange matter based on my whims and also I'm of African descent and I'm homosexual~" -"I dislike you because I'm a bigot" ...and doesn't the final panel just draw itself in your minds? I mean, really? People are stupid, but not THAT stupid. Its easy to hate something you are afraid of because you don't understand it, but really tough when you're own immediate demis is staring you in the face.

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That would be so true if this was Wildstorm, but having public perception drama is way more important in the DCu. In truth though, Apollo is really a big softie. He killed when the Authoity deemed it was needed, not out of discontent for how people viewed him or his lifestyle. If that were true, he'd have killed Kev like 16 times by now.

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