Who watches Skywatch?

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I'm only making this thread because the "feature" that stops you from posting more than twice in a row has no sense of time and even though no one has posted in the Stormwatch PHD World's End thread for 9 months, I can't post there again because I made the first two posts. Anyway, my question (even though no one here reads WSU comics and the issue came out weeks ago) is, does anyone have any theories on who is watching Skywatch at the end of the last issue? Also, is there anyone who thinks Winter isn't gonna go kick some bald & bearded black ass?

And, not a question, but: angry Winter > Sentry's fire tornado
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I wish I could keep up to date on WSU titles, but the local shop just doesn't carry enough issues. I have to wait for the trades if I don't want big holes in my collection. This means I haven't been able to keep up with World's End, etc. I envy you. Also: Winter > Sentry in general. He's a good character with a solid history, which is pretty much the opposite of Sentry.

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I know 2 of the World's End trades are coming out in the summer and I guess the other two are coming out later but before the end of the year. PHD and Gen13 switched to bimonthly instead of monthly like Authority and Wildcats so they have to wait longer to be trade-sized. The switch (and the lack of books in your store probably) are because people just don't seem to be getting WSU comics even though they're great right now. So sad. And yes, Winter is better than Sentry all around. Actual history, as opposed to last-minute retcon history, does wonders for characters and their development.
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So far I haven't really gotten into PHD. I got my hands on Wildstorm: Armageddon (yes, that's how far behind I am) fairly recently, which gives a glimpse, but I wasn't sure it was worth picking up the whole series. Plus, I can actually afford it right now. I take it you would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the original Stormwatch series, the Authority, etc.?

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Thanks for the clarification. Would you recommend pre-World's End stuff as well?

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As I said, it's different. There were super powered bad guys but it was less superhero-y. I don't know if you read Stormwatch Team Achilles, but if you did, it was kind of like that, but more serious. I liked it but I don't think I'd recommend it (especially if it's that or the current stuff). It was character driven and well written, but at times it got slow. I know there were a few issues in there that I just didn't read them for some reason, didn't feel like it was worth it. But then I picked it up again (caught up) and it was good. Might read better all at once actually. That could have been the issue. 

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I haven't read Team Achilles, because I haven't been able to find any individual issues so far, so I don't really have a feel for it. Superheroes are also not a must for me. I'm gonna go through and look at more reviews. Thanks again.

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The comparison to Team Achilles was because it was a team of (mostly) humans created to take down SPBs. With PHD they were all humans but they were not the powerful heroes and they were basically set up to be outclassed but still able to handle business. It's got an underdog feel to it I guess is what I'm thinking. Good luck.

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Wow, ok, I guess I know now. Just saw the soliciations for upcoming WSU books and it looks like I have an answer to my question about who was watching Skywatch. So first, this is the last page of issue 21.

So after Winter gets mad and burns a hole in the planet that can be seen from space, we zoom out to see Stormwatch watching him from Skywatch, and then zoom out to see someone watching Skywatch but no clue who it actually is. And then I read this for issue 23 "Skywatch is burning. Stormwatch is down. The Knights of Khera have operational control. Only Fuji can save them now!" The Knights of Khera! I'm not even sure what that means. I wonder if Majestic will get involved at all. 

And this is the cover. Funky costumes and Fuji looks almost human. Wonder what's up with that.


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