Stormwatch Still on the Suck Train

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The worst part now is that I think people are accepting this. It's either that the suck has gone on for so long that it's not shocking/disappointing anymore, or because it sucked so hard to begin with that being slightly better now, people are willing to settle. Either way it disgusts me. This series peaked in issues 7 and 8.

In a thread full of "settlers" I find one post I can latch onto:

"Well, hate to be the negative guy again but I am just consistently underwhelmed with this book. The art in particular is so disappointing! Characters don't look consistent in form or style from page to page. The art isn't particularly stylized either (like Flash, Teen Titans, Red Hood, even Grifter/Voodoo) and just pales in comparison to other books coming out (Aquaman, Green Lantern, Justice League, JLDark, etc.). It's just boring and bland. Apollo and Midnighter are flirty with each other, we get it. Hawksmoor has been notably absent for most of the series, though this issue tried to explain it it's been a problem overall.
I enjoy the nods to Jenny Sparks and the attempt to get into the Engineer's history more, but this book has just been so average. Anybody here reading Earth 2? Three issues in and that book has had so much character development and action that I'm hooked. Just within the DC Universe I don't see how this could be anybody's favorite book right now, but it also has to compete with books from other companies. If this weren't Wildstorm, it's another book I'd have dropped by now."
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I agree My main reason for keep buying this book is in hopes they will return to more of the ideas paul cornel introduced the shadow cabinet, The scourge of Worlds,Harry Tanner & adam-one, since then it has just been short stand alone stories that haven't pushed forwad the main plot, the most interesting part has been what Harry Tanner is doing with fox.

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I dont know why i keep buying this book, i just don't, I own every single book from wildstorm, I guess i keep buying this out of fear, fear that if this gets cancelled DC will shelf Hawksmoor and Angie, Midnighter will Fade away, and Apollo will never shine, they need a better writer, and a larger Staff, part of me is happy that Manhunter is leaving, Maybe they will bring Jackson King into this or even Fuji, I think am i trying to stay hopeful but how much must i endure

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It's pretty terrible. Time to kill it and relaunch as Authority.

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