Stormwatch Respect Thread:

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I really wish they put the comic back to it's classic format. I thought the idea of a U.N sanction team was great. I believe this team was the best in the Wildstorm U. Even their name was cool.

Team Leader


As Weatherman

And put back ex-members:


No other team in Wildstorm could stand against them!
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The Authority ? 
My fave is Winter 

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with the exception of union, Stormwatch was my favorite image title when it came out. Battalion and winter were my favorites!

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Oh i forgot i liked fuji and backlash too.

.I thought Stormwatch , at least the first 9 issues were well written and that they were an mazing team, powerset wise as well as visually. Fuji's appearance was different than any one ive seen (2 fingers no toes), Battalian was a black male telepath/ telekinetic who telepathically concealed his battle scars, Backlash was a supercool trainer with energy whips and DIVA was just DIVA! wow! I prefer hellstrikes first outfit and never liked cannon.

And how could we forget stormwatch prime: Sunburst, Nautika and Flashpoint (He had a better version of Cyclops powers!)

im reminiscing of the first stormwatch comic i got and i loved it! BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL STORMWATCH!!!!!

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