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how come no one is talking about this book? it's silly good. Sure it's not the same Midnighter as the previous stormwatch or authority books, but I still can't wait for midnighter to throw batman a beating. anyone else reading this??

#2 Posted by Steps (663 posts) - - Show Bio

I am, though I'm still against Midnighters chin spike.

#3 Posted by RoboShark (1853 posts) - - Show Bio

This is one of the only new 52 books I'm not reading.

#4 Posted by KainScion (2992 posts) - - Show Bio

because it's crap.

#5 Posted by Illuminatus (9578 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm waiting for the TPB.

#6 Posted by Mighty Thorion (918 posts) - - Show Bio

Dropped the book after the opening issue - didn't have the "wow" factor to tempt me back and remain on my pull list. Limited budget for comics per month and all that.

#7 Posted by KidChipotle (14834 posts) - - Show Bio

I picked up because J'onn is in it and because I wanted to get to know Apollo and Midnighter. But honestly, the book isn't that good. I want to drop it but I'd miss J'onn too much :\

#8 Posted by db8coach (82 posts) - - Show Bio

It started out as a mess and has just recently gotten better. Not the strongest of the new 52 by a long shot. Not even as good as Stormwatch vol 2.

#9 Posted by astrid12 (91 posts) - - Show Bio

I find it silly fun. It has had its enjoyable moments. I dont know about this recent issue though, it wasn't as fun as the other ones. Books like these and Wolverine and the X-Men are those I call "Saturday Morning Cartoons" extremely enjoyable. Although now that I think about it...The Authority was revolutionary in terms of its content and what it meant for comic books. I mean, THEY FOUGHT GOD at one point. can see why people say its not good lol

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I just commented on this (dupe)...

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