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The new StormWatch has engaged in battle with the super powered extremists who have taken the United Nations hostage...but the arival of an uninvited super-hero is making it hard for the team to do its job. Even worse is the deliberate interference of a shadowy quasi-governmental agency. What else can go wrong for StormWatch?

Outside of the building where the rest of Team Achilles is fighting, Pickney and Golocvin are sifting through the wreckage of the ship they downed when they hear the "SHABOOM" of a powerful SPB landing nearby.

The badly dressed superhero that appeared at the end of the last issue appears in the building with the fighters of Team Achilles while they're engaged in combat with the super powered terrorists. Jukko tells the young hero to leave before he gets someone hurt, but the hero just laughs and says that's exactly what he came to do. The "hero" jumps into the fight in a haphazard way that leaves members of both Team Achilles and the terrorists injured. As Jukko is killing a terrorist the hero causes more trouble and refuses to help the hostages. Jukko talks to Santini over comms and tells him that some idiot has butted in. The idiot starts a fight with the main bad guy and ends up hurting two members of Team Achilles and letting him escape.

With the bad guys escaped, Team Achilles turns to the wounded and tries to clean things up. One of their men is hurt, but he'll live. Santini goes to talk to the idiot hero and finds out his name is Giant. Giant starts having an attitude and Santini scares him by telling him that as the new Weatherman he knows everything about Giant. He knows his powers, who made him, and even his secret identity. He also threatens to kill Giant via a shut off switch if he doesn't leave and promise never to return. Giant leaves and after being questioned by one of his agents reveals that he doesn't really have a shut off switch, just balls of steel.

Santini starts putting thins together and figures out that Ivana Baiul was behind the whole thing. He starts interrogating the few surviving terrorists as to her location when he gets teleported away. He tells Tefibi to trace his location and send back up right before he totally disappears. Santini finds himself staring at the Shadow UN and wondering why everyone in the world has a better teleportation system that he and his team. The men sitting in the shadows tell him that Team Achilles now works for them. They financed the team and so Santini belongs to them. Santini obviously has problems with this and decides to let some information slip to scare them, letting them know that he knows they're working with Ivana Baiul. One of them says they should kill him but another calms her down saying that Santini is helpless. Santini informs him that that is not the case and suddenly Jukko and Jaeger Weiss come in through a Project Entry doorway. The officials say that Santini can't kill them, but he does it anyway. He says it's a good start, now they just have to find Ivana Baiul.

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