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The Beginnings Of Greatness...

The Story:

This trade also collects issues #7-9 which I will review later. It is notable as it contains the first appearances of Apollo and The Midnighter. Proteges of the insane Weatherman (leader of Stormwatch) Henry Bendix they were both chosen to be members of a top secret black ops team. Along with 5 other superhumans they were sent on a mission to an area called the Nevada Garden. However, the mission goes horribly wrong and their entire team is killed except for the two of them.

Five years later, Apollo and Midnighter are basically homeless and living on the streets. Trying to maintain a low profile and avoid detection from Bendix (who they believe is still alive) they fight the good fight and do what they can against corruption every where. The current Weatherman, Jackson King learns about the duo from some secret files Bendix kept aboard Stormwatch HQ. He stages a daring plot using Hellstrike and Fahrenheit which teleports Apollo and Midnighter to the Stormwatch base.

Explaining that Bendix is dead, he gives them another chance to take down the Nevada Garden. The duo unleashes massive destruction as Apollo trashes the facility and Midnighter kills every one inside. When the mission is done King gives them their freedom but later admits to his lover Christine Trelane to planting tracking devices in their bodies.


This is a great debut for the duo. Ellis really establishes them in a strong way and makes you care about them from the get go. Apollo's gratitude in general for a second chance is pretty emotional. Throw in the fact that they're both uber badasses and there really isn't anything bad to say about this story.



Great art, great story and a great debut for these two. Read this!

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