redhush1's Stormwatch #13 - The Rise of the Demon, Part One: The Dreaming Tower review

IT was an Eh...

The Good

I recently picked this up because I was like OMG Lucifer on the cover of Demon Knights #13...turns out not Lucifer I thought it was also picked up Issue zero with that and this book but back to this book. I picked it up for two reasons A. IT had Etrigan in it and it mentioned Demon Knights. B. Because I heard Spectre was in it. The good was at least for me is I haven't picked up an issue of this yet and picking up this one I felt as if I didn't need to know nothing about them because I kind of caught on as I read it. I also liked how they showed Etrigan still ruthless like he is in Demon Knights

The Bad

I was kind of thrown off. So we go to see a man trying not to say the "naughty words." and it doesn't foreshore say if it is Jason Blood which irritates me because in my opinion you can't have Jason without Etrigan. Also irritates me because of how they changed his arm. Its in its basic format but without the design. Lastly, we see John Constantine and Madame Xanadu have a OMG moment and we see the Spectre also having one and I'm kind of wanting to know why they are all like OMG ITS ETRIGAN. I wish they would've held that off till it explained it in here or Demon Knights because now it leaves me as a "EXPLAIN IT DAMN IT!" Because if Etrigan is so evil even Spectre has a OMG moment then I'd like to know why

The Verdict

Yes I know for this issue I was very needy. But its the first one I have ever picked up so what do you suspect? But I highly do suggest this issue who want to jump on board Stormwatch or if they are reading Demon Knights because maybe in the next issue it will explain all of my questions. Well if your reading this your not going to pick it up...RUN FOREST RUN!


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