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Stormbreaker was forged by Eitri a Dwarf of Nidavellir, and enchanted by Odin after Beta Ray Bill defeated Thor in hand-to hand combat but refused to kill him, it made its first appearance in Thor #339. It has all of the strengths of Mjolnir but none of it's limitations. Stormbreaker may only be wielded by Beta Ray Bill, or those who are worthy enough to lift it so far only Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Odin have proven worthy.


When Odin commissioned the hammer to be crafted, Eitri demanded a price of him. The dwarves had a champion, and Eitri demanded Odin send a woman to defeat the champion. If the woman bested the champion, the dwarves would forge the hammer. If the champion won, the female would become the champion's chattel. Odin chose Sif for this battle and she bested the Throgg the Dwarf. Sif then learned that Throgg had ruled the dwarves with his freakish size, and that having been defeated by a woman he would never show his face again. The Dwarves gained their freedom, and a tale to tell for ages to come. Thus Eitri fulfilled his bargain and forged Stormbreaker.

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