adamwarlock's Stitched #3 review

Talking Heads and exposition dumps in horror. MEH.

A Garth Ennis story without a Garth Ennis script just doesn't really feel like a true Garth Ennis product. I respect Mike Wolfer as an artist, but thus far am not that impressed with his skills in the writer column.

This issue largely takes a breather from the survival and horror angles to make room for lots of "talking head" style planning and an exposition dump that [sort of] explains away how "The Stitched" came to be that way. It works and does not work. We get to see how the terrorists have reanimated the dead, but not how they control these sightless zombies so accurately. Without implants of some sort in the brains of "The Stitched" or some sort of psychic to control their movements so precisely, their ability to endlessly hound specific targets makes very little sense. This is the precise sort of thing you can find yourself thinking about that will completely ruin a book/movie/etc for you, and if you don't think about it, you'll be ok. So you could just say "well don't think about it so much". That's all well and good, but since the story has gone halfway towards partially explaining the "science" of how "The Stitched" work, it opens the door to wondering about the rest of the equation, which makes the story somewhat diminished.

The story is still unpleasant in a way that could only come from the mind of one like Ennis, MAYBE Warren Ellis, MAYBE Clive Barker... but it's really just not that gripping and the characters all kind of blur together personality-wise. I can't really say it's far from Ennis' best since it's unclear how involved Ennis is at this stage of things where he's only credited with "Story" and not "Script"... but as far as things with Ennis' name on them go, it's pretty forgettable so far.


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