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Sting is a sword made by the Elves. It was first found by the hobbit, Bilbo Bagins, in the troll's hoard along with the swords Glamdring and Orcist. Bilbo first used the sword to battle the Great Spiders in Mirkwood who had captured him and his friends. That is when he named the sword Sting. Many years later Bilbo gave the sword to his nephew Frodo when in they were Rivendell. Frodo first used the sword in the mines of Moria to stap the cave troll in the foot. Later when first meeting Gollum, Frodo put his sword to the creature's neck and threated to kill him but spared him instead just as Bilbo did years earlier. When in Shelob's lair, Frodo used Sting to cut through the spider webs. After Frodo is stung and captured by Shelob, Sam Gamgeee uses the sword to fight Shelob.

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