Stilt Man Respect Thread

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R.I.P. Stilt Man

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@MoonKnightFan123: Hopefully someone worthy will get the Stilt Man armor next.
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I could not believe you guys when on to make threat for this guy, are you guys even his fan? I always thought he should kill someone and when he did look bit him in the ass

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Stilt-Man was a dying character, a villian that Marvel used as a punching bag, who's reputation that is telling Wilbur Day "STOP WEARING THE DAMN ARMOR". I kid you not, he is the most unsuccessful Marvel character in Marvel history, even Marvel mentioned this.

I have no idea how this guy could be taken seriously without having somebody laughing at him. 
Im glad he's dead, he earned it for not putting up the armor
hell, he doesn't even rate to be a Mega Man villian

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bad props to my boy on stilts!

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He was taller'n me, that's a feat

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First, let me say that I can't believe there is already a Stilt-Man respect thread. I assumed I was going to have to make one!

I've mentioned this story a couple times before on CV, and thought I should post the whole thing.  It's worth a read!

In this issue (Champions 12), Stilt-Man manages to stave off a team of Hercules, Darkstar, Angel, Iceman, Ghost Rider, Black Goliath, and Black Widow, and get in some pretty good shots of his own.  He clearly acts like a hardcore bad guy, and they seem to genuinely respect his power!  He eventually leaves of his own volition, and Black Goliath chases him.  This second fight is then reported as if on TV, and Black Goliath beats him by beating him with his own leg.

Obviously this story is a bit "unique," shall we say, in its treatment of Stilt-Man and his opponents, but at least it provides some context to understand that he was not always seen as a joke.

Stilt-Man vs Champions 1
Stilt-Man vs Champions 2
Stilt-Man vs Champions 3
Stilt-Man vs Champions 4
Stilt-Man vs Champions 5
Stilt-Man vs Champions 6
Stilt-Man vs Champions 7
Black Goliath vs Stilt-Man 1
Black Goliath vs Stilt-Man 2
Black Goliath vs Stilt-Man 3

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