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Stiletta is the daugter of scientist Reinhold Borsten, who in 2042AD, was US National Security Administration liason to the top secret Project Cronus, which developed a successful means of teleporting a person through time. A subject was sent 3 years into the future, but only Borsten was present when the subject returned, dying from radiation poisoning. Through his dying subject, the scientist discovered that nuclear war hd broken our in 2045AD.

Rather than try to avert this global disaster, Borsten decided to use his advanced technology to become master of the earth after the nuclear holocaust. Borsten teleported himself to the year 2047AD - thus safely bypassing the nuclear war - and took with him the plans he needed to duplicate the highly advanced technology of the Chronus Project.

Borsten did indeed become a powerful figure in the post holocaust world. However, he had left his wife and daughter behind when he travelled to the future, without even warning them of the disaster that was about to befall the whole world. Borsten's daughter, who by now called herself Stiletta, was visiting her grandparents in the country when the nuclear war took place. Because their home was hundreds of miles in the country and far away from any targets of the nuclear conflict, Stiletta and her grandparents survived. However, Stiletta's mother was in a major city and was killed in an atomic explosion.

For many years, Stiletta assumed that her father had been killed too, but one day she discovered the truth. In a vengeful rage, Stiletta decided she would kill her father for not taking her and her mother with him into the future and not warning them about the war that was to come.

For a time, Stiletta joined a nomadic gang called the Road Reapers. In 2050AD, while she was in this gang, she was rescued from captivity by Jonah Hex, the 19th Century gunman, whom Borsten had brought to that time period. Hex and Stiletta have worked as allies since that time.

Stiletta was later kidnapped, drugged and forced by members of the criminal Combine to work as a female gladiator called the Blonde Spitfire. Again she was rescued by Hex, and regained her own free will when the mind control drugs the Combine gave her wore off. However, the Combine had also implanted a device within her that increases her speed, agility and strength. Whether it has any side effects is not yet known.

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