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Stick is the sensei who trained both Matt Murdock and Elektra.


Stick was created by Frank Miller.

Character Evolution

Very little is known about the mysterious blind master of martial arts known simply as Stick, a name he chose in honor of his favorite weapon. It is known that though blind, Stick has developed a proximity sense which is so acute, that it is greater than even the superhero Daredevil's radar sense. It is also known that Stick became the master of an elite order of martial arts warriors who lived atop an unidentified mountain top. Stick's warriors were not only masters of martial arts, but also developed mental capabilities such as telepathy and energy siphoning or healing abilities. Stick's warriors regularly opposed the martial arts mecenary group known as The Hand.

Major Story Arcs

At some point Stick traveled to the United States and met Matt Murdock who would later become the crimefighting hero Daredevil. Stick not only trained Daredevil in martial arts techniques, but also helped him learn, control and eventually master his radar sense.

At some point, Stick was introduced to Elektra Natchios who would later become the female mercenary known simply as Elektra. Stick took Natchios her under his wing as his pupil. Under the tutelage of Stick, Elektra became a great master of martial arts and also learned some of Sticks mental techniques. Stick realized that Elektra was filled with destructive emotions and expelled her from his order. Almost prophetically, Stick feared that his descision to turn Natchios away may lead her to seek training with darker forces such as the Hand. His fears proved to be founded, because it was this expulsion that drove Elektra to join theThe Hand and become and indepenent assassin.

Early in his career Daredevil was involved in a bomb blast that caused him to lose his radar sense. Daredevil sought out Stick and under his guidance was able to regain and re-master the use of his radar sense.

He got himself killed draining the energy of The Hand's ninjas in order to save Daredevil.


For more information see: Inferno

While Daredevil lays dieing, Stick appears to him and tells him to restart his heart.

Powers and Abilities

Stick was a master of most if not all forms of Oriental Martial arts. His agility and reflexes where so great that they bordered on and possibly were on a superhuman level (Stick could easily dodge or block arrows). Stick possessed a proximity sense which acted like a bats radar sense or a dolphins sonar sense, only much more acute. Sticks proximity sense was so acute, that it was far greater than even Daredevil's radar sense. Stick also possessed certain mental abilites such as telepathy and the ability to mentally siphon a person's life-force from their body into his. Sticks supreme mastery of martial arts combined with his uncanny speed, agility, proximity sense and mental capabilities made Stick an extremely dangerous and deadly combatant despite the fact that he was totally blind.

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