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 Stewart Acheron is a rich and important man with many connections. He is a tech tycoon and was planning on purchasing NASA. Stewart lives in the Acheron Mansion in Washington State with his son, Gabriel.
On night, Stewart watched as his son was abducted by an alien. He later made an announcement on the television offering a five million dollar reward for information leading to the return of his son. From this he was contacted by Denise Waters, whose daughter was abducted in the same way. Stewart began to believe her story when they had the same burn wounds from the alien visit. 
Together they traveled to Wales to talk to a woman with a similar experience. But when she mentioned religion, Stewart once again had his doubts of the truth. He considered her crazy. He soon began a search for a parent who was mentally stable, and thanked Denise for her help and sent her home.
Stewart begins using his resources to find the truth. Through the use of satellites and space telescopes he is able to get a picture of to his friend Dick Cheney. He begins monitoring the planet in search of the alien. Eventually, they find him returning Ellie to Denise. An Army force is sent to retrieve her. Thirteen of them were killed in the attempt. Dick wanted to take her out if necessary, but Stewart needed her alive.
Ellie was captured and brought to Stewart's private island in the Cook Islands. It was here that the real Stewart Acheron showed himself, the side that cared more than anything about his son. Ellie tried to show Stewart with her power what had happened, but the military who was watching saw this as a threat and attacked. Ellie was tranquilized. Stewart was then informed that Dick had ordered the island to be nuked upon return of the alien and he should leave. 
He woke Ellie in an attempt to get her to show everyone what had happened. But she soon discovered her alien friend Amnel on the beach. The military nuked the island when the Silver Surfer approached. The Surfer saved the island but Ellie could not save Amnel. He powers exploded with anger, destroying all the military planes and ships and Stewart.
In the end, Ellie returned reality to the way it was before with her power and Stewart was alive as if any of the events never happened but with slight changes.

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