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A young boy from the midwest, Stevie found the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak on a class Geology outing.  The Gem did not turn him into the Juggernaut, but give him powers. He was able to take on the Avengers Captain America and Jim Hammond, as well as apparently holding the Juggernaut at bay, though the story has yet to be fully told.  The Gem came into Stevie's possesion after the Juggernaut threw it into space and then Nova knocked it back to Earth in Excalibur V1 #25. 


Stevie's first and only appearance is West Coast Avengers Vol 1 #64 and was created by then writer Terry Kavanagh.


Stevie used his powers gained from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak to try to steal Captain America's Shield.  Stevie sent a message of Rick Jones being attacked to Captain America through a series of computers including one at the Avengers West Coast Compound, and a amusement park in the Midwest.  Once Captain America arrived at the amusement park Stevie used his powers to bring mannequins to life to fight Captain America and try to take his shield.  Stevie then brought to life several wax figures of other super heroes to life, also giving them diluted versions of the heroes powers.  Captain America, with the help of the Original Human Torch Jim Hammond, quickly defeated the wax figures.  Stevie had also used a wax figure of Captain America to call the Great Lakes Avengers, and tell them that there was a Captain America impostor who had stolen Cap's Shield.  So after a brief fight between the Great Lakes Avengers and Captain America with the Human Torch, Stevie was able to steal what he thought was Cap's real Shield.  Stevie had done all this to use the Shield at his school's show and tell.  He told the class how he had found his lucky red rock, which gave him super powers that enabled him to defeat the Juggernaut, and then help the Avengers in a "amusement park gone amok!"
   Stevie went on to explain how Captain America gave him the shield, but when he pulled the shield out he found that it was not the real shield, but a wax copy that Captain America had switched for his actual Shield.  Stevie vowed to make the Avengers pay, but first he had something for his class.


 While in possesion of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak Stevie was able to bring objects such as mannequins and wax figures to life.  He was also given the ability to hack into secure computers, such as the Avengers, and West Coast Avengers computer systems from his home computer, but it did leave some type of residue which was found by the Avengers computer system.  Stevie also showed the ability to project a blast of energy which was strong enough to hold the Juggernaut at bay.  The reason why Stevie is not turned into the Juggernaut is never given, neither is how he lost the Gem later on.

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