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Character Description and History

Steven is named after Steven Seagal, the action hero. He is one of five members in the new team that replaced the original Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters.  The other members of the new team are Rock, Lucy, Jean-Claude, and Arnold.
He is an anthropomorphic hamster from an alternate dimension, but was eventually brought to the dimension where the original Hamsters lived.  He is heavy-set and wears an Indian poncho.  He seems to be a little older than the other new Hamsters, and they seem to give him a bit of extra deference, as if he is their teacher.  He says that he was in a military team in Vietnam in 1973, which would make him older than anyone in the original team by many years.  He is more spiritual than the others, and wants to be a writer and actor.
When we first see him and the other new Hamsters, they are training in their headquarters in Chicago.  They receive a psychic message from the Dalai Momma, the head of their monastery.  She warns them that the monastery is under attack, and begs them to return.  Rock doesn't like the monks, but Jean-Claude and Steven convince him that they have to help.  The Hamsters get in their jet (a B2 Stealth bomber) and fly to the Himalayas.

Steve dies

They land, and are attacked by Genghis Khann and his army of Huns.  Steven is killed almost immediately: he ventures into a dark tunnel, and comes out full of arrows.  Jean-Claude, Rock, and Arnold are also beaten and/or killed. Lucy is thrown off the edge herself, and eventually manages to find their old Master Lock, who helps her contact the original team of Hamsters.
Later, we see that Rock, Jean-Claude, and Arnold have been healed and/or resurrected, and are now apparently the brainwashed slaves of Khann.  For some reason, Steven is not resurrected, and does not appear again.


Like the other Hamsters, Steven is a skilled martial artist.

Steven beats up Rock

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