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His enemy stands revealed - but that's just the beginning of Steve's problems: Reverted to his former 98-pound-weakling self, Steve is trapped in the heart of the enemy's lair and fighting for his life!

Machinesmith now has Steve Rogers strapped to a platform with the intention of extracting the serum from his blood. Rogers recounts Machinesmith’s background: he used to be an expert in nanotechnology until he died and his consciousness was transferred to into a humanoid machine, with which he can now travel quickly from machine to machine at will. He infiltrated and took over Nextin Pharmacueticals and convinced Jacob Paxton to change his name to that of his maternal grandfather, Erskine, in order to lure in Rogers. Machinesmith also made and programmed an android to look and act like Rogers’ first love. Rogers is then knocked out and thrown into a cell. Machinesmith soon appears to Rogers and tells him he doesn’t need him anymore. Goons come in to kill Rogers but he takes them out despite his depowered body by relying on his training.

Rogers finds his way to the robot version of Anita Erskine, activates her, and asks for her help in finding where Machinesmith is running the Super-Serum tests. They arrive and Anita neutralizes the Vita-Rays that masked the serum in Rogers’ bloodstream. Rogers takes out numerous henchmen and leaves with Anita to an airfield where Machinesmith is meeting with terrorist-supporting counties to sell the serum.

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Steve Rogers Back As A 98-Pound Weakling?!? 0

Nooo! Say it isn't so. That vile Machinesmith turned Steve Rogers back to a 98 lb. weakling. How can this be?  The Good When I first started reading this, I was a little upset. I don't want to see "Captain America" turned back to a normal person. While I'm digging Bucky as the current Captain America, I still consider Steve as the Captain America. Silly me, I forgot that this was being written by Ed Brubaker. Ever since he started writing Captain America, he hasn't really let me down. Obviously ...

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