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Steve Rogers's past and present collide as he digs deeper into the mysteries at the center of a global conspiracy and comes face-to-face with the first woman he ever loved. All this, and the secret manipulator behind the scenes twists his knife in Steve's back with an ending that will leave readers stunned!

Shot by a sniper, Jacob Erskine urges Steve Rogers to protect his wife because “if Smith’s done it”, “they’ll come after her now”. Erskine dies and Rogers escapes the hotel. Once on the ground, he sees a sniper’s nest, but he finds it was controlled remotely by computer. Rogers scours the Madripoor underworld for intel on who may have hired a hitman to kill Erskine. No one has info, and Rogers suspects it was an inside job.

Rogers asks Sharon Carter to gather info on Myron Smith, Erskine’s head of security. Rogers then recalls the woman who looks like Erskine’s wife, Anita. Lieutenant Cynthia Glass worked on the Super-Soldier experiment, ended up being a Nazi spy, but also died saving Rogers against orders from her superiors. Rogers tails Smith and Anita to Nextin Pharmaceuticals’ corporate retreat. Rogers confronts Anita while she walks on the beach and she seems to remember Rogers. Carter calls Rogers with info on Smith, who has no personal history at all prior to joining Nextin. Rogers figures out the puzzle – Anita Erskine and Myron Smith are machines controlled by the Machinesmith. Machinesmith then begins to deactivate the super-soldier serum in Rogers’ blood and Rogers begins to shrink.

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Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Issue 2 0

The problem I've come to find is that the first issue of a mini-series really isn't a fair way to judge the way the book will be. So much can happen so quick, and in a mini-series often does, that the book doesn't often have a very strong voice. Granted, most minis aren't penned by one of the best writers in comics, Ed Brubaker, who when it comes to Cap, is the king. As a result, the impossible happens, a mini-series that has voice, personality, and the potential to be a great ongoing (Even thou...

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Too Many Whoa Moments To Count 0

I have a feeling that this book is flying a little under the radar. That's a damn shame because this comic is absolutely stunning. Every panel is filled with the perfect blend of intrigue and Steve's aw shucks square jawed personality. It's almost like what if Jimmy Stewart were a badass spy. There's practically nothing wrong with this issue at all with the exception of a cover that I have a mild distaste for (I think Steve looks a little too barbarian-like). The art's great and compliments the ...

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