Steve Epting appreciation

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I have been a huge Steve Epting fan from his first run in the Avengers. To this day his run with Bob Harras is one of my favorite Avengers run of all time. His work on Captain America was absolutely incredible he depicted the espionage and reflected Brubaker's stories beautifully. The Marvels Project was again awesome and my favorite story from 2010. I am sad he isn't returning to Cap but for the first time in a long time I might actually get Fantastic Four and have heard nothing but good stuff about Hickman's writing. So thank you Steve Epting for providing my eyes years of visual enjoyment.

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@mightiness: Just got the first issue of Steve's run on Fantastic Four. It is amazing. 
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Epting and Brubaker's run on Captain America was my absolute favorite, and ever since Steve left the book it's been struggling to find a great on-going artist to work along side Ed's amazing writing.

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