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One of the most greatest creative persons of this universe, Steve Ditko, did more than co-create Spider-man and Dr. Strange. This is a proof of this fact. Inside this book, you`ll find the first appearances of Shade, the changing man and many science fiction and horror stories. Over 400 pages of Steve Ditko stories, and alot of it hasn`t been reprinted in decades.

Collects all of the eight (8) issues of Shade, the changing man (vol. 1), both of the two stories from Cancelled comic cavalcade # 2, Strange adventures # 188-189, House of secrets # 139 and 148, House of mystery # 236, 247, 254, 258 and 276, Stalker # 1-4, Plop # 16, Ghosts # 77 and 111, Weird war tales # 46, 49, 95, 99 and 104-106, Secrets of the haunted house # 9, 12, 41 and 45, Mystery in Space # 111 and 114-116, Time warp # 1-4 and The Unexpected # 189 and 221. 

Note: Contains unpublished material left over as a result of the DC Implosion.

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