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Silversmith built a criminal empire based on silver. He believed that the gold standard, which currency is determined would becaome obsolete, and silver would be the new standard for determining currency . Silversmith was smuuggling silver out of America and into Europe within hollow interiors of statues being exported from his antique business. His brother threatened to tell the police unless his share was increases. He murdered his brother and placed him within a hollow statue of the Batman. The statue wound up at a charity auction and 
when the statue fell and broke, the skeleton remains of Silversmith's brother were revealed. The Batman investigated the murder and confronted Silversmith. The Batman defeated Silvesmith and left him for the police. Silversmith had the original Crime plan a robbery of a drug company for them. The Crime Doctor claimed he knew the Batman's secret identity when the Batman arrived. Silversmith kidnapped the Crime Doctor and demanded he reveal Batman's secret identity. He then fed him quicksilver before the Batman couls rescue him. He was last seen on the planet Salvation wanting to know why Lex Luthor should lead the villians when he just arrived.

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