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Green Lantern

Status: Active

Space Sector: 3333

Sector Partner: Penn Maricc

Homeworld: Helland

Predecessor: Unknown

Successor: Unknown


Prior to his death, Steppe was partnered with the Green Lantern Penn Maricc and protected Space Sector 3333. During the Sinestro Corps invasion of Earth, Steppe was killed when his chest was pierced by a scythe-like construct formed by a Sinestro Corps soldier. When Steppe fell in battle, his body was broken down and absorbed by Slussh, the corrosive and gelatinous Sinestro Corps member from Space Sector 3376. Steppe is memorialized in the Crypts of Oa, alongside the other Fallen Lanterns.

Blackest Night:

During the Blackest Night when black rings descended into the Crypts of Oa, Steppe, along with the other Fallen Lantern, was resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. His current whereabouts are unknown...

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